"BU Hockey Stats" started off as a summer project in 2022 when I was thinking about odd, highly specific stats that pop up during broadcasts such as "this team is 3-0 on Tuesdays in March vs. this other team", and I realize that I could generate those sorts of odd stats for BU Hockey. Originally, this project was just going to be for fun for me to bug friends with but it grew into a twitter account @BUHockeyStats where I would share these odd things with Terrier Nation. That soon expanded to a Twitter bot @BUHockeyStatsBot that would allow others to look up their own wild stats.

As the 2022-23 season came to a close, I was thinking about what the 2023 off-season would bring and with Twitter's animosity towards bots, creating an alternative was what I decided on for my project. Originally the site was just going to be a simple port to the web with just a simple text box which became "Stats Bot". It expanded into a more visual, user-friendly site with the "Records" and "Players" pages displaying tables of data with options to filter it. Finally expanded to add "Trivia", due to popularity of the weekly "BU Hockey Stats Trivia" on Instagram.

For Comments, Questions, Corrections, Suggestions: DM me on Instagram: @BUHockeyStats or Twitter: @BUHockeyStats or email me at BUHockeyStats@gmail.com or fill out the feedback form.